Death I called a disease.

Like a permanent end of life,

The enemy that steal your precious breath away.

Is like a sudden disappearance to no man’s land.

Death is bitter,yet not merciful,

Death is wicked, devours the one you love most.

Teaches you to distinguish the gold from the tinsel.

Death is inevitable,

But you not ready to entertain it.

Is like a natural phenomenon as to born,

You can not hold it neither can it be delayed.

Death is a misery,

But can be infected by anyone he chooses.

Yet you and I still need to die someday.

® Jannel



A time to born

A time to grow up

A time to sleep

A time to sing

A time to dance

A time to laugh

A time to cry

A time to share

A time to love

A time to hate

Everyone have time and season, but what could be your own time now?


Rainning Monday morning



On Raining Monday Morning!!! drenched from the head to toe,tattered soacked and helpless.

On Raining Monday Morning!!!
Searching for covery to rest on
A dry confort to lean on.

On Raining Monday Morning!!!
Students, workers, running to and fro
Towards the empty bus
Dragging, pushing each other in other to get a space

On Raining Monday Morning!!!
Being stock up by traffic.
Rushing as fast as possible,
In other not to be late.